Before heading to Frankfort, I'm meeting with students at HCC about the "agency bonding" authority proposed in the budget, which would allow KCTCS schools to issue bonds backed by modest tuition increases ($8/credit hour) for capital projects like the Agriculture Health & Career Technology Center. No one disputes the value of the building for recruitment and workforce development - everyone seems to agree its a long term investment worth making. My fear, of course, is making the investment from the pockets of the students. $8/hour doesn't sound like much, and wouldn't be for perhaps most students. But I also know that community colleges need to have the lowest threshold possible for the single parent trying to raise a family and keep a job, making ends meet. I have a very hard time justifying making students foot the bill.

Having said that, I haven't met anyone yet that believes the tuition hike is inappropriate under the circumstances. I asked to hear from students themselves this morning.