Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is tomorrow, January 20th. Pro-Life legislation keeps dying in the Kentucky House of Representatives. I urge everyone reading this to call your Representatives (or all of them) to use their position and pull to make certain Pro-Life legislation has a vote on the House floor (where it would likely pass). Unfortunately, such bills have been killed in committee for several consecutive years. Ask the Representatives to file a discharge petition if necessary to get the bills out of committee and on the House floor.

If you live in Christian, Todd or Logan County you should call Martha Jane King, Brent Yonts and John Tilley, who are the majority-party representatives who cover the 3rd District. URGE them to use their pull to get those bills a VOTE ON THE HOUSE FLOOR!! All three have publicly declared a pro-life position.

Call the legislator message line at 1-800-372-7181.

Too little has been done for too long to protect the lives of Kentucky's unborn children. Tell them you've had enough.