During Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on January 20th, the guest pastor at our church in Hopkinsville made a statement that was as stunning as it was obvious. But in all the time I've talked or campaigned about ending abortion, the idea had never been stated so simply as it was today. In the wake of the Newtown Connecticut shooting, the entire nation has been arguing over gun rights. One side vehemently claims there should be enhanced restrictions on gun ownership. The other side, equally inflamed, claims the Second Amendment "shall not be abridged." There has been no shortage of argument, political posturing, media spin and policy wielding over this dichotomy.

And yet, amongst the rancor, you'll find no one on any side who believes the murder of those children was good, or even remotely desirable.

A few years earlier and the murder of those children would've been protected by law. The intentional termination of those lives would have been protected as the mother's right to choose.

I pray that our Nation turns from this wickedness, and soon.