2017 Legislative Survey

The General Assembly sees several hundred bills filed every year, and I need to hear from you about them.  Some issues mainly affect a certain area of the Commonwealth, or a certain industry.  But make no mistake, we all share, directly or indirectly, in the impact of every bill that passes and lands on the Governor's desk (even then if the Governor decides to veto).  The bottom line is that we need to know how you feel.  I certainly have an opinion about a lot of topics but as your elected senator I need to know about yours!

Please click the button below to take a quick legislative policy survey regarding some of the issues on the horizon (or potentially on the horizon) for the 2017 session beginning in January!


If you took the PRINT option, please complete and mail your survey to my office in Frankfort here:

Sen. Whitney Westerfield at 702 Capitol Avenue, Suite 215, Frankfort, KY  40601