Program Review and Investigation

In 2014 I was placed on the Program Review and Investigation Committee, one of the "statutory committees" created by law, and comprised of legislators, executive branch staff and public sector nominees.  I believe its watchdog role over state government is very important.  You can find links to the minutes of the committee, its staff and membership right here.  Here's the official description:

“The Program Review and Investigations Committee is a 16-member bipartisan committee authorized under KRS Chapter 6. The committee is empowered to review the operations of state agencies and programs, to determine whether funds are being spent for the purposes for which they were appropriated, to evaluate the efficiency of program operations, and to evaluate the impact of state government reorganizations. State agencies are obligated to correct operational problems identified by the committee and must implement the committee’s recommendations or propose suitable alternatives.”
— Legislative Research Commission

Recent Reports tendered to the committee