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Good Stewardship - Cutting Benefit Fraud

God charges us each with responsibility for all He provides us.  In our homes, our paychecks, our food and other material provisions, we must be good stewards and not waste what we have been given.  The important lesson to remember is that none of the 'stuff' we have is ours to begin with.  Likewise, the General Assembly must be a good steward of the tax dollars that are paid in each year.  Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not an all-around good steward of what we all pay in each year. I have filed a handful of bills that I promised I would work to pass if God blessed me with a win for the Senate, and SB 179 is one of those bills.  Senate Bill 179 is a brief bill that substantially restrictions the use and transfer of state-funded "EBT" cards.  There is a large market for these cards and too many end up in the hands of someone other than the needy child or family that needed them in the first place, and too many are eventually exchanged for cash and ultimately used for the purchase of controlled substances, alcohol and the like.

Here it is: