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Until the War is Over

Back in May (2014), I made a trip to Frankfort to catch up with a school group that was taking a daylong field trip around the historic sites of the Capitol City.  The Heritage Christian Academy Warriors (4th graders) have made a trip up to the Capitol both years I've been in office, and like any other school group visiting during the interim (when I'm not already up there for session) if I can I make the trek to Frankfort too meet them.  I hate missing a chance to visit with school kids about the job I'm blessed to have — one of these kids from the district is going to have this job one day in the future!

I caught up with the group and took them to the Senate chamber and had a chance to talk to them for nearly 45 minutes.  They asked all kinds of questions and I gave all kinds of answers!  Since we had the room to ourselves and plenty of time, I explained a lot about the kind of things we do, good and bad.  One of the students asked if I had ever been scared doing my job.  Interesting question.  Easy answer.  Yes.

I've been nervous before, about speaking or carrying a bill on the floor, but those are just nerves about sounding stupid or saying something inaccurate or embarrassing.  Fear, on the hand, hasn't been felt nearly as often.  In fact, I can only think of one occasion.  Carrying Senate Bill 8, the "ultrasound bill," in the House Health & Welfare Committee.  The bill, just like others over the years before now, had come out of the Senate and died at the hands of a pro-choice Committee Chairman and pro-choice House leaders — some publicly and unabashedly, and others under cover of anonymity and secret, if not outright deceit.  This year, the bill had sat without a hearing in the House Health & Welfare Committee for over two months when a discharge petition was filed in the house.  A discharge petition, if passed by a simple majority (51 of 100), would remove the unheard bill from the Committee and bring it before the full House for a vote on the floor.  This year, despite 61 co-sponsors of a house bill that contained SB8 language, 49 democrats and a couple of republicans (many of whom brag on themselves for co-sponsoring the same kind of bill) either walked out on the discharge petition vote or simply failed to show up for it at all.  The petition failed to pass.  Naturally, the next move of House leadership was to hear the bill in Committee - it's an election year so they can't ignore the bill altogether.  That's where I come in.

The House Health & Welfare Committee is perceived, fairly or unfairly, as unfriendly territory for conservatives.  Liberals control the membership head count, and the tension between committee members of opposite ideologies is palpable and sometimes expressly shown.  Even the committee members themselves refer to the committee by its common nickname "Hell & Warfare."  This was the lions' den, and I was ordered to march in knowing legislative defeat was certain.

I approached my testimony with great fright, believing I would be attacked or my words twisted by the committee members or the media or both.  But I carried on. I presented the bill calmly and directly, explaining the bill didn't actually do anything to expressly restrict abortion at all (no matter how much I wish would).

My testimony fell on more deaf ears than not. Those who wish to protect abortion rights made half-true claims about the bill, and particularly galling was the act by two of the most fiercely prochoice members of the committee to make the initial motion and second for the bill to be voted on — they knew they had numbers.

I explained the situation as it unfolded (edited for time and content, of course)  to these school kids. I told them how scared I was of that meeting and the battle that would come my way.  It was at that moment when a young man raised his hand to ask this profound question:

So you fight until the war is over?


A reporter politely asked me once why we (conservatives) keep fighting for prolife legislation when we know it will continue to be defeated.  We keep fighting because those lives should be protected, and we can't give up until they are.  I trust God's plan, regardless of the outcome.  He can *seal* the mouths of the lions!



I was reading some of the statewide news articles today in the Lexington Herald-Leader and the Courier Journal, when an op-ed headline from the Leader caught my attention:


I've always been opposed to abortion from a pure policy standpoint - its the termination of a life God chose to create.

Guest Post: "Blind Eye To Evil"

This editorial was written by Richard Nelson, a Trigg County Magistrate and Executive Director of the Commonwealth Policy Center, a nonprofit policy center.  The piece originally appeared in the Kentucky New Era (available here).  Please be aware - the article contains information that is graphic and disturbing in nature.

Remove Your Blinders

As a Christian, my wife and I try to use God's word as our guidance in daily life, and we pray seeking His will for our lives. We don't always get it right, of course. Sometimes we are distracted by the trappings and goings-on of Earthly life, and self-centered priorities. But we work daily to do better. It puzzles me, though, when Christians so determinedly turn a blind eye to what God's word tells us about life. During this Sanctity of Human Life Week, I believe it would help to review a critical passage in the book of Psalms:

Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalms 139:16

All of life comes from God, and by His word he "knows" us before the world knows us. He knows the number and substance of our days before the first of our days has begun. By whose authority, then, are lives terminated before birth? For 40 years, since the Roe decision, this country has permitted (and funded) the killing of 55 million unborn children. It's high time those who profess to seek God's will for their lives, but support abortion (or refuse to stand against it), to remove their blinders from what God's message clearly tells us.

A recent tweet from Pastor Rick Warren hits the nail on the head:

@RickWarren: A Christian’s highest allegiance is to neither a donkey nor an elephant, but to #TheLamb. Anything less is idolatry.

Call your legislators in Frankfort, and insist they pass Pro-Life legislation THIS YEAR. For the last eight years, such legislation has been killed in the Kentucky House of Representatives. The Majority Party Representatives who cover part of my 3rd Senate District are Martha Jane King (Todd and Logan Counties), Brent Yonts (Greenville), and John Tilley (Hopkinsville). If these bills die in committee again, INSIST that these three use their influence to file a discharge petition bringing these bills to the House floor for a full up or down vote.

Call at 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for any state legislator.

Email the Representatives named above here:,,

You can contact me by clicking here - it comes straight to me, not a staff member.