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Legislative Drafting Board: Expungement

Legislative Drafting Board: Expungement

During the course of the session there are bills that cover different topics that orbit around us. Some of these bills orbit at different speeds and some have more gravitational pull than others, drawing more support from legislators or conversely drawing additional ire from them. 


I campaigned during 2012 for the Kentucky State Senate saying often that traditional marriage was under attack. Most folks didn't realize at the time what I and other watchers of the law saw coming, the United States Supreme Court was on a collision course with traditional marriage arguments in cases involving California's Proposition 8 (a gay marriage ban) and the Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA"). Oral arguments before the Court are this week and a ruling will come in a few months. Traditional marriage protections, including Kentucky's constitutional amendment, are in danger of being ruled unconstitutional and thus struck down. Make no mistake, the battle over marriage is underway and unfortunately, there are many instances where we're losing.

Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman and God, yet this idea is being torn down and diminished. So many strive to paint such values as discriminatory.

Take this passage from a blog article today:

Pastors in Canada are already facing lawsuits for simply preaching about marriage from the Bible. Tolerance is demanded of Christians but in this pluralistic society, little, if any, tolerance is afforded to Christian beliefs. Christians aren’t the antagonists here, but they do seem to have fewer rights than those engaging in lawfare to bring about forced acceptance.

Read the article here for several examples of this trend: Christians being persecuted for their beliefs which are seen as discriminatory all while the discriminatory work of anti-Christian activists are seen as anything but.

The author of this post nails it and I encourage you to take a look.

I hold out hope that the Court will not strike down laws that the people have chosen in various states to enact, Kentucky included. But as long as God's will keeps me in the State Senate I will continue to advocate for the protection of traditional marriage that represents the relationship and covenant God intended.