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Disaster Relief

Our minds never need to reach too far back in time to recall memories of natural disasters.  In the 3rd District we have fresh memories of tornados ripping paths of damage, and the potential for severe ice storms arises every other winter it seems.  Disaster preparedness is a priority in my family, and given our climate and location (particularly relative to the New Madrid Fault line) it should be at the top of your family's priority list too.

Lake Barkley Community Day

Like many of you I have many fond memories of weekends and holidays down at Lake Barkley. From July 4th weekends with sparklers and the massive fireworks launched from the beach, to Father's and Mother's Day holidays with a huge family gathered around tables near a window at the Lodge overlooking the water, to cruising the lake in the runabout and learning (or failing) to ski, Lake Barkley has many connections to my past. Sadly, Lake Barkley State Resort Park, like others across the Commonwealth these days, is struggling. But that's where we come in! WKDZ/WHVO Radio is organizing a Community Volunteer Clean-Up day! Check out their announcement here! Take the Notice and Volunteer forms below and PASS IT ON!!

Preserve Our History

Appreciate the Services Offered

Share Through Tourism

Sustain the Parks Through Community Service


MAY 18TH 2013 - 8AM-5PM

Lunch to be Provided!

LB PASS It On NoticeLB Clean-Up Volunteer Form