Your voices, and the voices of victims and survivors across Kentucky, were heard resoundingly in Frankfort today as Senate Bill 3 — Marsy’s Law — made final passage in the House of Representatives by an overwhelming margin!

Not only was Marsy’s Law the first bill to pass the Senate in 2018, it was the first bill to pass the House too, making a bold, bipartisan statement by the General Assembly that victims shall no longer be treated as mere witnesses to crimes, but should be recognized and granted fundamental rights to empower them and restore their dignity in a criminal justice system that for too long has ignored them!

Marsy’s Law has been my passion and I have proudly fought for the principle that crime victims deserve equal rights. I urge Kentuckians to vote YES on Marsy’s Law in November.”
— Sen. Whitney Westerfield, Marsy's Law Sponsor

Because of your voice and support, Marsy’s Law will appear on our ballots this November for voters across Kentucky to ratify as an amendment to our Constitution!  It has been a highlight of my time in Frankfort to sponsor Marsy’s Law and fight for its passage, but that fight continues until the voters have their say at the ballot box in 10 short months.  Continue this fight with me!

Get involved in the Marsy’s Law ballot campaign here by becoming a part of your county’s ML Team! Post to Facebook and Twitter, using #ML4KY to help us spread the word!

I look forward to November when we can stand shoulder to shoulder across Kentucky knowing we’ve made a lasting, historic stand for victims — giving constitutional strength to their voices for the first time!