FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sen. Whitney H. Westerfield praises legislative and judicial steps taken to protect Kentucky families from the woes of substance abuse.


NBOMe, a new synthetic drug making the rounds disguised as a "new LSD", is highly dangerous.

Our partners in law enforcement continue to discover new synthetics and dangerous, experimental chemical compounds being created and abused, threatening Kentucky families. However, we remain vigilant for necessary changes to the law to protect against these substances. Chairman Tilley's House Bill 8 is the latest effort on this front, and I was glad to play a role in moving it through the Senate.

It is particularly significant that we recognize HB-8 at the Pennyroyal Regional Veterans Center. We pride ourselves on our strong relationship with Ft. Campbell, and this area is home to many who serve. Those returning home from war often find themselves struggling with addiction and facing criminal prosecution. Consequently, Christian County has taken steps to implement a Veterans Court program to better address the complex issues facing our veterans, including substance abuse. The judges, case workers and veteran-mentors will have an opportunity to accomplish something profound in the lives of those who once fought for us.

As the landscape changes we must continue to fight substance abuse with adequate laws and resources to stop those responsible and help those in need.