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The Capitol

Welcome! I aim to serve God through my term in the State Senate, and I'm humbled by the opportunity.

Serving as your Senator allows me the opportunity to protect the unborn, to stand up against the casino industry, to defend traditional marriage, to repair Kentucky’s broken financial house, bring new jobs to the 3rd District, and demonstrate good stewardship of all God has blessed us with in Kentucky!

Bookmark this site and check back often for legislative updates every week, follow and subscribe to the event calendar, and send messages to me about issues that are affecting you!

Whitney's Senate Roles

Sen. Westerfield has been appointed to the following Standing and Statutory Committees:  


Budget Review Sub-Committee on Justice

Capital Planning


Natural Resources & Energy

Tobacco Settlement


Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection**

* - Indicates Chair, ** - Indicates Vice Chair

Whitney and Wife


I invite you to visit me in the Senate whenever it's in session, and if you provide at least 24 hours notice, I will arrange for you or your group to be recognized and welcomed by the members of the Senate.

The 2013 Regular Session Calendar is available here. Feel free to contact my office through the contact form here on the site, or at the phone numbers listed below.