We’ve just gaveled in on Day 2 of the Extraordinary or “Special” Session of the General Assembly, here in the Senate. The Senate will be quiet today as the proposed legislation has been filed (on Day 1) in House.

I’ll be reading the bills today, and you can do the same if you’d like. The bills are available on the LRC site for the special session, but I’ve linked them here if curious:

House Bill 1

House Bill 2

As a reminder, only the Governor can call an Extraordinary Session.  You can find the Governor’s statement along with a link to the official proclamation calling us to Frankfort here.  I’m told that HB1 (252 pages) represents nearly all of the 2018 Regular Session’s SB151, but with some pieces being removed.  You can find SB151 for comparison here.  The proclamation is legally significant.  While any legislator can file any kind of bill during a session, Regular or Extraordinary, the only bills that can proceed to a vote are those limited specifically to the scope of the Governor’s call.

I don’t have any more information to report at this time.  Please be sure to stay tuned here to this space, and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates.