Unless you stay tuned to state policy and politics on a regular basis its easy to lose track of when the legislature is "in session" and when its not.  I'm not always aware of when Congress is in session and when its not.

Earlier this month, the legislature's leadership (the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House) tentatively approved the 2015 Regular Session Calendar, which I've provided below for your reference.  Here are a couple of reminders about the Kentucky General Assembly:

  • Remember that the Kentucky General Assembly meets every year, but during odd years they meet for 30 legislative days and on even years they meet for 60.
  • The rest of the calendar year is called the "interim" period, when committees meet once a month to hear testimony on policy and other matters related to the legislature's work.
  • During the interim period the legislature is not empowered to vote on anything.
  • A Special Session (or "Extraordinary Session") only happens when the Governor convenes the legislature for a specific purpose, such as redistricting in 2013.

Here's the 2015 Regular Session calendar as of September 8th, 2014:

  • Part I convenes on Tuesday, January 6th and adjourns on Friday, January 9th
  • Part II convenes on Tuesday, February 3rd and adjourns sine die* on Tuesday, March 24th
  • Presidents' Day will be observed on February 16th
  • February 6th is the last day for bill requests
  • February 13th is the last day for bill introductions in the Senate
  • February 17th is the last day for bill introductions in the House
  • March 6th and 9th are designated as "Concurrence Only" days
  • The Veto Recess begins on March 10th, and consideration of any vetoes (for an override vote) begins on March 23rd

*Sine Die is latin for "without day," indicating no future date is set for the 2015 Regular Session upon adjournment sine die.  The 2015 General Assembly can no longer take action until reconvened in 2016 or upon the call of the Governor for an Extraordinary Session.